Subscription information


Dear Visitors,

Before register or subscribe please look through the most important information bellow very carefully.

Use of the Progenitor Registry Database Program of the Hungarian Evangelical Church requires registration and subscription. 

The quarterly rate: HUF 5.000. For a year it is HUF 18.000.
The subscription fee should be transferred to the bank account of the Lutheran Central Collection:

Please mention in the Note: ‘Őskereső’ (Progenitor Research) for expedited processing. Receipt will be issued to the name of subscriber.

In case of requiring VAT invoice please note that we can issue it for the name of the payer only.

Please make sure to register before completing the payment otherwise your name and email address will not be saved in our system and your access cannot be activated.

As soon as your subscription fee is transferred your access will be activated immediately. You will be informed about it via an automatic email to your email address. The access for the database is available from the moment your access is activated and not from the time of register. Consequently, the subscriber will not suffer losses because of the waiting period.

There is no need for another register process for those subscribers whose subscription is expired. After transferring the subscription fee they should send an email to   indicating their intent to renew their subscription.

Since our database is being permanently updated and expanded, our Dear Enquirers are strongly advised to study the available material on the left menu bar of the ‘Őskereső’ Home Page. Subscription is only recommended when the requested material is available. Please note that we can neither accept any complaints nor eliminate your access afterwards. Information on expanding our database is provided at any time to our enquirers via email:

Our colleagues receive emails arriving at ‘Őskereső’ between 08.00 am and 04.00 pm.

During weekends and Bank Holidays all administration in connection with registers and payments as well as providing information on our database are intermitted.

Thank you very much for your kind interest and enjoy your search.